About me

I am currently an employee of Huawei Technology, Dongguan, China since Dec 2022. I was awarded PhD at University College Dublin, Ireland. My thesis was “Through the Looking Glass: Working Towards the Ultimate Display by Adapting the Light Field Display using Context Awareness”. During my PhD, I published several academic papers and presented at many international conferences.

Before I started my Ph.D., I took my undergraduate bachelor’s degree at Beijing-Dublin International College, which is a joint program between University College Dublin (Ireland) and Beijing University of Technology (China). During my undergraduate years, won a second-class prize in a national programming competition as the team leader. I also interned as a web software developer at Xiaomi Inc. and China Mobile Ltd. At the end of my undergraduate year, I graduated with a 3.9/4.2 GPA and got a first-class honor degree from University College Dublin.

Besides my research, I am also keen on developing games, building PCs, psychology, and economics. I love exploring new things and utilizing them in my daily life.

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